Affordable Business Loan for Australia


Affordable Business Loan Options in Australia

Seeking funding is a critical part of setting up or expanding a business, and a business loan is one of the easiest financing options there is.

With hundreds of lenders offering different types of business loans in Australia, the process of picking the best lender can be a daunting task for owners of small businesses who have probably wondered which type of loan would suit their requirements.

Types of loans for small businesses

Before making that leap, it is best for small business owners to understand the different types of small business loans available for them to kick-start their business or boost their existing one.

Unsecured business loan – This requires no collateral and can be paid within a maximum of 12 months. Backed by the borrower’s creditworthiness, a lender only needs a six- to 12-month bank statement to check the borrower’s trading history. The money can be used to promote the business and pay for taxes and other business needs.

Business overdraft – This helps manage cash flow fluctuations and provides a safety net when making purchases or completing orders. The amount extended by the lender would depend on the business’s cash flow, seasonal trends, and timing of receipts and payments, among others.

Equipment finance – A type of financing used to acquire business-related equipment.

Short-term business loan – This provides business owners easier access to capital, covers cash flow gaps, or pays off higher-interest debt and other emergencies.

Bad credit business loan – Perfect for small businesses with credit defaults in the past. Lenders would look at the business’s strength, operating history, revenue, potential and other operational factors when availing of this loan.

Supply chain finance – A short-term loan that can optimise cash flow by enabling buyers to extend their payment terms while giving suppliers the option to be paid earlier. This is both beneficial to the business owner (buyer) as the extended payment terms help lower working capital requirements, while the supplier can obtain quicker cash flow at preferential interest rates, allowing them to get payments earlier and at a lower cost.

Low-doc business loan– Created for business owners who do not have enough proof of their business income. Ideal to finance short-term financial needs or long-term expansion plans.

Business line of credit – This works like a credit card in that businesses can borrow up to a certain limit for a quicker access to business funding.

Invoice discounting – This gives the borrower instant access to money with outstanding invoices or unpaid accounts receivables as collateral.

Where to avail of a small business loan

Small business owners who find applying for bank loans too cumbersome an affair can approach the MBR Association, which offers a range of affordable business loan options.

MBR Association understands too well what small businesses need to realise their goals and strategies, maintain their cash flows, grow their investment and increase their revenue to pay back their loans on time. The company guides businesspeople towards the right loan for their business and helps set the term of the loan based on their unique financial situation.

MBR Association’s loan offerings focus on small businesses that have been trading for at least six months and with a minimum monthly revenue of $6,000.

While it operates in Merrylands, it extends its loans to businesses in the suburbs of Parramatta, Hills Area and Winsor.


Call MBR Association today on 0434 27 20 18 or email to get your business rolling.

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